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Downtown Brooklyn

Grab Coffee In A Jungle Oasis Before Doing Dinner & A Movie (From Your Seat)

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Though it feels like there’s at least one coffee shop on every corner in Brooklyn, how many times can you say that visiting your local cafe has you feeling like you’re in a jungle haven? Enter Devocion’s downtown Brooklyn location at 276 Livingston, where 18-foot floor-to-ceiling windows provide light to a veritable tropical rainforest. Devocion buys coffee cherries direct from Colombian farms, and once the beans are dry-milled and Fedexed stateside, they’re roasted within 10-30 days of their peak ripeness. Want to try something different? Try the sparkling cascara on tap, made from coffee fruit.

After, head to Alamo Drafthouse, where you’ll enjoy dinner and a movie, VIP-style. Here, all you’ll have to do is settle into your luxurious leather seats and get comfortable. Choose from the full menu of food and drinks, and leave the rest to your server as you enjoy the movie. They’re a bit unforgiving here about late entrants, so make sure to leave enough time to guarantee an early arrival.


276 Livingston Street, Brooklyn

Alamo Drafthouse

445 Albee Square W #4, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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