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Win A Super Weird Prize At This Arcade in Chinatown

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There are some nights that make you fall in love with New York all over again. This is one of those nights. Grab your person for a spontaneous date that start out at the venerable Dim Sum Go Go. Go back to a time when dinner prices were reasonable and decor was red and white. Specializing in dumplings, this is a vegetarian’s paradise (yes, there’s also meat, don’t worry). Serving only beers, you can pair your meal with a BYO bottle of wine and wash down the extra orders of shrimp shumai without any guilt.

After dinner, walk across Bowery into the heart of Chinatown, and get ready for some good ole fashion gaming. A colorful, hopping arcade, Chinatown Fair has both old school and imported arcade games like Space Invaders, air hockey and Dance, Dance Revolution (DDR). Some older games give out tickets, which you should definitely covet. Prizes are super weird, and make the best keepsakes for you to cherish for years to come.

Dim Sum Go Go

5 East Broadway, Manhattan   

Chinatown Fair

8 Mott Street, Manhattan 

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Like what you see?

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