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Lower East Side

Just Looking at the Menu at This California-Inspired Restaurant Will Make You Feel Healthier (and Thank God, It’s Tasty Too)

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If you want to be satiated while maintaining a health-conscious mindset, you want Dimes. This very California-inspired restaurant offers up a West Coast aesthetic with an equal helping of West Coast flavors, like black rice with grapefruit ginger ponzu and coconut creamed kale, fig, and fennel burrata. Seriously, though, just looking at this menu will make you healthier. And aside from the flavors, you will absolutely dig the beachy vibes, including the cedarwood booths, multicolored tabletops, and distressed wood facade.

Now that you’re full and satisfied, it’s time to perk up at the Meow Parlour. Not only will you become immediately obsessed with cat-shaped pastries on display (yes, there are Hello Kitty cookies), chances are you’ll be even more taken by the fact that you can play with the real cats residing inside the cafe. Once you grab whatever caffeinated beverage floats your boat, just pay for the 30-minute fee (it’s only $6/person), sip on your drink, and start playing with the kitty. If you end up wanting more time to chat and to pet (because of course you will), just let them know, and you’re good to go.


149 Canal Street, Manhattan

Meow Parlour

46 Hester Street, Manhattan 

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Like what you see?

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