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East Village

Have a Crazy Night with Ass Juice and Bacon Martinis from this Punk Bar

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When we think of the downtown, punk New York scene, we think of bacon martinis and ass juice. This is not entirely a lie. We can’t say we’ve thought deeply about the downtown, punk New York scene, but after checking out Double Down Saloon, the equation looks something like: Double Down Saloon (ass juice + bacon martinis) = New York punk scene. Bar math only makes sense if you’re a little tipsy, so grab your S.O. and head to the New York offshoot of the original Vegas Double Down Saloon to try their famed house punch that packs one. With gonzo porn on the televisions, graffiti in the bathrooms, and leather-clad patrons swigging the aforementioned bar special, this East Village punk bar will have you ready to rage against the machine. True to form, as one of the last classic dive bars in the city, Double Down is open until 4 a.m. so you can quite literally double down on your night.

Cut yourselves off before the shots start going down too easily, and stop into Cheese Grille for gourmet sweet and savory grilled cheese. Stick to the classic cheddar on Pullman bread with tomato soup, or live a little and try the Mediterranean—with chèvre, asiago, tomato, basil, and truffle oil—or the Crispy Goat—with chèvre, goat Gouda, Applewood smoked bacon, and avocado. Everything Cheese Grille can do with sandwiches, they can also do with elbow pasta. Check out their mac ‘n’ cheese menu for more cheesy goodness. Mouths=watering.

Double Down Saloon

14 Avenue A, Manhattan

Cheese Grille

188 Allen Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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