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Midtown West

Boozy Shakespeare and Victorian Cocktails Liven Up Any Night

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Whether it’s because of your high school English teacher or the Leonardo DiCaprio version of Romeo + Juliet, we all have more than a passing familiarity with Shakespeare, the OG love extraordinaire. Grab your Romeo (or Juliet) and watch what happens when the words of Shakespeare are performed five shots deep. Drunk Shakespeare layers the Bard’s iambic pentameter with inebriated improv and inappropriate jokes to bring you a welcome — and hilarious — update on love that is utter mayhem. If you’re down to be an active participant in the performance, grab tickets for the floor. Much like the first row at a comedy show, you’ll have your time in the spotlight with a little light heckling.

After, step out of Tudor England and spend the rest of your night in the Victorian period. Head to Lillie’s Victorian Establishment for cocktails and a more romantic take on love. Simultaneously intimate and grand, the Victorian gin palace is a tribute to Lillie Langtry, a famed British actress, renowned beauty, and socialite of the 19th century. Come back again for a Sunday afternoon Victorian high tea experience. The tea service comes complete with your choice of tea, sandwiches, macarons, and clotted cream and jams.

Drunk Shakespeare

777 8th Avenue #2, Manhattan

Lillie’s Victorian Establishment

249 West 49th Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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