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The Perfect Sunday: Strolling Through Eataly & Sweets at Patisserie Chanson

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Next time it's Sunday and you want to do something...but you don't really know this. Eat, drink, and shop your way through Eataly, New York’s answer to the culinary promised land of Italy. This Italian food market boasts over 50,000 square feet of restaurants and vendors. We think the best game plan involves roaming around with a glass of wine, and sampling offerings from the various shops and food stalls until something catches your eye--and your tastebuds. With everything from cave-aged cheeses, to fresh, handmade pastas and gelato, it shouldn’t be hard to find a delicious place to dine. Of the six sit-down restaurants, only Manzo and Birreria take reservations. The remainder are first come, first serve, so make sure to put your name down with the hostess. For those that don’t want to wait, try La Piazza, where you can enjoy cheese and charcuterie platters at standing tables.

Be sure to leave room for Patisserie Chanson, a higher-end pastry shop nearby. For those who wish dessert could be the focal point of any meal, the Dessert Bar at Patisserie Chanson is your sugar-spun dream come true. The 16-seat former speakeasy space offers a six-course dessert tasting menu, which should satisfy even the most enthusiastic of sugar fiends. If you’re feeling really indulgent, opt for the drink pairing ($52). The cocktails that come with each course up the experience and add another level of complexity and depth to the meal. Find a spirits and munchies pairing almost as perfect as you and your boo.


200 5th Avenue, Manhattan

Patisserie Chanson

20 West 23rd Street, Manhattan

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