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Bay Ridge

Drink Cocktails In This Sistine Chapel-Inspired Bar In Brooklyn

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If you’re craving some modern Greek cuisine in Brooklyn, find your way to Elia. This simple, rustic taverna has a genuinely transportive aesthetic courtesy of its homespun decor and staff, aided by a combination of whitewash and white brick walls, polished reclaimed wood (from the ceilings beams to the bar top), stacked wine racks, and subtle pops of eggshell blue hues throughout (namely on the minimalist fireplace towards the back). The showiest aspect of Elia is in the food plating, which has a refined and artistic attention to detail (think Master Chef, but 100 percent Greek).

After dinner, end the evening over drinks at The Wicked Monk. This stylized, throwback bar feels less like your typical cocktail lounge than it does a church (but without any of the strict rules). The ceiling has a Sistine Chapel-inspired collage of celebrated monks, arched stained glass windows, stone walls, and even the occasional corner gargoyle. Admittedly, the main draw here is the decor and ambiance, but that’s not to take away from their excellent craft beers on tap. Try to land a seat in front of their ornamental fireplace for the full gothic cathedral experience.


8611 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn

The Wicked Monk

9510 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn

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