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You Know the Pasta’s Homemade When the Restaurant Is a Literal Pasta Factory (#Blessed)

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If your lover is the kind of conspiracy theorist who wonders whether the “fresh pasta” that every Italian restaurant seems to offer is really fresh, take their suspicious hand and pull them over to Forma Pasta Factory. This spot is both a restaurant and a pasta producing shop, so you know it’s freshly made—that’s kind of their whole thing. The inside is airy and charming, made from white brick, with plenty of flowers and antique country plates dotting the walls. Pasta plates are incredibly priced at just $11 and come in every flavor, from spaghetti pomodoro to creamy linguine. Service is casual, with a window where you place your order and a bus your own table policy, so you’ll reach pasta heaven in a matter of minutes.

Continue living the al fresco life at the nearby beer hall, Berry Park. This spot does feel like a park with its spacious, airy interior aided by simple decor and strategically hung mirrors, though the real draw is the large rooftop. In addition to cocktails and wine, the star of the show is their beer list, though it may not have your usual favorites. Curated with beers from around Europe, their drafts will let you and your partner sample new tastes from Germany, Spain, and Belgium. They also have a decent menu if you need to carb up, with German snacks like bratwurst & fries, giant pretzels, a huge sausage platter, and the perfect dessert—a chocolate torte.

Forma Pasta Factory

14 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn

Berry Park

4 Berry St, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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