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Dine At The Largest Kosher Restaurant in BK, Then Eat All The Pie

  • Dessert
  • Food

Tonight, start off with a kosher steakhouse experience at Bison & Bourbon. This upscale establishment is covered floor to ceiling in brick and mahogany, exuding a traditional steakhouse environment in an urban warehouse setting (the two-story glass entryway is particularly impressive). As far as food goes, Bison & Bourbon pulls zero punches, offering up gourmet cuts with options like a 14 oz applewood smoked delmonico or 16 oz coffee-crusted veal. Items can be a bit pricey, but that’s to be expected in a high-end steakhouse. If you’re too full for desserts, they offer drinkable options, including the S’mores Tini and Peppermint Bark.

Only a short walk away are the magnificent homemade pies at Four & Twenty Blackbirds. Founded by sisters Melissa and Emily Elsen, this Brooklyn pie shop is quaint, but highly lauded, having been featured on the Food Network and Good Morning America—and it’s doubtful that anyone might resist its infectious confectionary spell. Not only is the shop itself as rustic as it is elegant (namely on account of the black and white facade, homey vibes, and distressed wood accents), the pies speak for themselves. From apple rose and lavender honey custard to black sesame and bittersweet chocolate pecan—the flavors and the plating here are works of genuine art. If you want in on the pie action, they sell some amazing ingredients to help get you started. From there, you may as well grab a copy of their handy Pie Book.

Bison & Bourbon

191 7th Avenue, Brooklyn

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

439 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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