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Sunset Park

Hold on to Summer at Industry City-Based Seafood Restaurant Frying Pan

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Dinner is all about holding onto summer as long as humanly possible at Frying Pan Brooklyn. Just a block away from Gowanus Bay, this Industry City-based seafood restaurant is a creative and colorful answer to all of your summery needs. With weathered corrugated metal walls, bold pops of blues, reds, and yellows in their wooden shutters and stools, and your choice of either mini golf or ping pong (or both), this is how the two of you should give summer the send-off it deserves (with a lobster roll in one hand and summer succotash in the other, naturally).

Next, take a stroll over to the Brooklyn Kura. This modern sake bar is just around the corner, but has a decidedly more sophisticated aesthetic. With galvanized steel table (and bar) tops, fabric pendant lights, and an industrial-chic framework that almost feels more like an art studio than a brewery, Brooklyn Kura is a minimalist’s dream come true. And, aside from their on-tap sake, they also offer shiboritate, moromi, and orizake.

Frying Pan Brooklyn

51 35th Street, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Kura

68 34th Street, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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