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Upper East Side

Gorgeous Art At The Gagosian Coupled With Exquisite Sushi

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This plan contains fancy sushi and fancy art, for the couple who wants a fancy Friday night. Starting at the Gagosian Gallery where several stimulating exhibits are currently on display, and finishing at Sushi of Gari, a staple on the Upper East Side for fresh, uniquely prepared Japanese food.

The Gagosian is open from Monday through Saturday from 10-6, so start here before heading to sushi. See what exhibits are currently showing to plan your visit. This gallery is so highly curated, we promise you'll be impressed and moved by whatever you choose to see.

Next up, sushi. Gari, after traveling from Japan to New York in 1978 to help a friend open a restaurant, soon realized that Americans weren’t eating sushi the right way. Spoiler alert: you’re not supposed to dunk the whole piece in soy sauce. He made a special sauce to put directly on sushi so novices would no longer make the mistake.

Gagosian Gallery

980 Madison Avenue, Manhattan

Sushi of Gari

402 E 78th Street, Manhattan

Like what you see?


Like what you see?

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