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East Village

Go Shopping For Some Rare Cookbooks, Kitchenware, And Gluten-Free Treats

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Go on the hunt for all things food-related in the East Village. Start at Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks, a bookstore specializing in used cookbooks with lots of out-of-print and rare finds. With most of the stock coming from people's collections, every visit holds the promise of a new discovery, and the owner offers expert customer service. Beyond a great cookbook selection, there's also vintage glassware, pottery, and other kitchen staples worth browsing as well.

If shopping has made you hungry, head to Elisa's Love Bites, which serves artisanal gluten-free, guilt-free sweet treats that are lovingly made with wholesome, nutritious ingredients and natural, low-glycemic sweeteners. Their wholesomely sweet philosophy means no refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, food dyes, or harmful additives, meaning everything on the menu is guilt-free. Try their sweetheart flourless brownies in an adorable heart shape or triple chocolate spankin' donut. Or go all out and split a rustic tart or full size cake and really indulge.

Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks

28 E 2nd Street, Manhattan

Elisa's Love Bites

441 E 9th Street, Manhattan

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