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Grab A Kosher Dinner Before Drinks At A Beloved Heavy Metal Bar In Williamsburg

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This plan is just what you need for a low key date with a little edge in Williamsburg’s South Side. Start out with some standard kosher deli fare at Gottlieb’s Restaurant. This casual neighborhood spot has been hosting the Orthodox Jewish community and curious strangers since 1962. The kosher, meat-forward menu dishes up matzo ball soup, pastrami, and other Jewish staples that are as delicious as they are unhealthy. Slightly more obscure finds include cherry soup, and a sweet noodle pie called kugel. Don’t be afraid to chat it up with Yitzchok, a staple of the establishment and part of the experience. His knowledge of the menu and service is legendary. And don’t plan your visit for a Saturday, which is the Jewish Sabbath. Gottlieb’s will be closed. It’s as old school as it gets and is the perfect pit stop for before cruising to your next destination.

Get your grit in gear for Duff’s Brooklyn, the beloved heavy metal dive bar serving up cheap drinks and horrific decor. As a stopping point for heavy metal bands passing through New York City, you may spot the likes of Rob Zombie, Pantera or Iron Maiden—just a few of the notable names that have rolled through. The museum-level horror decor will leave you with plenty to see and do. From a photo op in an old-school electric chair to hanging with Frankenstein, the pieces that fill the walls are lovingly collected by Jimmy Duff, the bar’s owner, and namesake. Take it all in over cheap beer and be sure to pick a song or two from their legendary jukebox for an unforgettable evening.

Gottlieb’s Restaurant

352 Roebling Street, Brooklyn


168 Marcy Ave, Brooklyn

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