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Start With A Limoncello Cocktail, End Inside The Stunning Beekman Hotel

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Gran Morsi, named after the Italian word for “bites”, epitomizes elegant simplicity and makes for the perfect pre-dinner stop with its Italian small-plates designed for sharing over an aperitif at the bar. The space is bright and airy with exposed brick and a gorgeous flora feature at the back of the intimate room. From the cocktail menu, we recommend the Limoncello Margarita (espolon tequila, lemon and "froth").

At Temple Court—housed inside the fancy pants Beekman Hotel—you can rest assured the menu is just as sumptuous as the design and is the smoothest move you can make after making your first impression at Gran Morsi. Influenced by the rich history of the building itself, famed Top Chef star Tom Colicchio has reimagined classic fine dining plates with his signature seasonal American touch. The bougie dining room features impressive ceiling-high stained glass windows, and gold-framed, leather-clad booths while the bar room is more than worth a nightcap with a tempting cocktail menu, and it's Instagram famous nine-level atrium ceiling.

Gran Morsi

22 Warren Street, Manhattan

Temple Court

The Beekman Hotel, 5 Beekman Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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