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Upper West Side

The Best Hotdog in New York Coupled with the Best Cookie In New York

  • Dessert
  • Food

Who said date night needs to be all about glitz and glam? Gray’s Papaya is the kind of place that all New Yorkers ought to have tried at least once, so tonight, you’re going to share the experience together. Its bright yellow sign is impossible to miss, but if you’re having trouble finding the place, just follow your nose. While other lovebirds are dining over candlelit dinners, you two will be scarfing down dogs under a neon glow.

After you’ve eaten, arm-in-arm it over to Levain Bakery for some sweet, sweet goodness. With cookies that are just short of being literally to die for, there’s no way to go wrong with their baked amazingness. The vibe here is casual, cozy, and dangerously tempting, so don’t say you haven’t been warned. Whether you’re looking for something as simple as walnut sticky buns or as filling as bomboloncini (because they have filling—get it?), you’ve come to the right place.

Gray's Papaya

2090 Broadway, Manhattan

Levain Bakery

351 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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