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Feast Your Eyes on These Dazzling Spots while Your Taste Buds enjoy Indian Cuisine and Quirky Cocktails

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Since there’s no shame in spoiling yourselves, start the night off at GupShup Bombay House. This spot serves up authentic Indian cuisine with a bold and vibrant touch. Seriously, though. You’d confuse this place for a modern art gallery were it not for the dinner tables (we’re obsessed with the meticulously detailed wall fixture and the glass bottle chandelier)—and that same attention to detail carries over to the food as well. Whether you’re starting off with something small but complex, like lamb and pink rose on kulcha with apple cider jam, or something as refreshing as braised lotus stem, your taste buds will be hardcore obsessed. The secret to covering every inch of your table with deliciousness is ordering some of their small plates. We recommend their duck egg, roasted bone marrow, and puchkas.

Next, keep with the visual vibrancy over cocktails at Cibar. This basement bar is literally glittering from floor to ceiling with glitzy Mediterranean swagger, ranging from red velvet seats and multicolored tiles lining the fireplace to seriously striking chandeliers. As you’d imagine, the cocktails are just as commanding and inspired—with just as much personality. Coked Up Hedge Fund Guy is surprisingly as simple as it is classy, and Swipe Right is just as refreshing as actually swiping right (something you two are well past at this point).

GupShup Bombay House

115 East 18 Street, Manhattan


56 Irving Place, Manhattan

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