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Greenwich Village

Slurp Noodle Dishes with a Creative Spin Before Snazzy Cocktails at a Mid-century Jazz Bar

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Hao Noodle isn’t playing around. With their urban, botanical setting (think: greenery galore, overall weathered industrial motifs), this trendy noodle house is as creative with their decor as they are with their unique spins on classic dishes. Between their creamy yellow croaker fish noodle soup and egg crepe dumpling stew, this place is all about giving regional Chinese fare a modern touch-up. The black sesame rice balls in red bean soup may not sound like dessert, but it’s true confection perfection. Believe it. Also, it can’t be pure coincidence that their massive, floating light fixtures overhead look like thin, glittering glass noodles.

Atmosphere goes a long way (especially in a city with as much competition as NYC). For that mid-century atmospheric fix, end the night at Analogue. This inviting cocktail bar has sophistication to spare with a jazz-inspired M.O. (which doesn’t just include framed photos of jazz legends but actual live jazz tunes at night), and their inventive craft cocktails are just one more reason this place is as satisfying as it is suave. Standout options include Matcha Got There (Suntory Toki-based matcha and vanilla magic) and Tapered Plain (where bourbon and clementine sherbert rules).

Hao Noodle

401 6th Avenue, Manhattan


19 West 8th Street, Manhattan

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