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Hell's Kitchen

Hitting Up a Broadway Show? This 12-Foot (!!!) Noodle Dish Is the Perfect Pre-Game

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If Israeli chef Eyal Shani’s Salon, a theatrical dinner experience, is a little too much for your current vibe, then enjoy the same great flavors in a more low-key setting at HaSalon. The restaurant still feels upscale, with its dark wood tables and pristine white brick, but the open kitchen and mix-and-match seating gives it a more familiar touch. On the menu are inventive, high-quality Israeli dishes, including black sea bass cooked with Tunisian spices and a single pici noodle that’s twelve (yes, twelve) feet long. Just prepare to be wowed by both the food and the prices—which run as high as the spirits here.

Popular with both the queer crowd and theatergoers, Barrage offers great drinks with a much more relaxed vibe than many Hell’s Kitchen bars. The walls are covered with colorfully framed photographs and the drink names are sassy (Golden Shower, anyone?), plus there's cozy couches and the bartenders are friendly and relaxed. Grab a frozen daiquiri and enjoy the upbeat music that’s actually low enough (gasp of all gasps!) for you and your date to hear each other talk over.


735 10th Avenue, Manhattan


401 W 47th Street, Manhattan

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