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Have A Thoughtful Date At Home Solving Puzzles And Sipping Tea

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Hunker down at home and get ready for a fun and relaxing evening that will engage your mind and body. Spend your afternoon with The Librarian's Almanaq, an escape room in book form, the first book of its kind. Just like in an escape room, you'll have to find the puzzles hidden in the book. Some puzzles are in plain sight while others will be harder to uncover. Some puzzles may lead to other puzzles. And, like in a puzzle hunt, you'll combine puzzles together in one or more meta-puzzles to learn how to conquer the secrets of the Almanaq.

As you exercise your minds, get out your best teapot and treat yourselves to an afternoon tea spread. Find your favorite blend and rustle up some finger sandwiches, scones, and other pastries. While you can easily pick some of this up from your neighborhood bakery, you can also make it from scratch.

Like what you see?


Like what you see?

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