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Have A Vegan Sandwich Before Grabbing A Drink At This Bar/Theater

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Do dinner and a movie, but with a twist. Start by getting sandwiches at Seitan Rising in Williamsburg, a vegan bakery with a mission: to create an inclusive space where everyone can feel comfortable and at home. They are employee-owned, queer and woman-owned, and vegan. And, to boot, the food is delicious! They have a whole deli case of seitan vegan meats, which they make into delicious sandwiches like the BBQ Picnic Hero with roast beef with house-made macaroni salad, red cabbage, roasted corn, scallions, and house-made bbq sauce on a ciabatta hero.

Once your stomach is full, grab a drink at the Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen, then follow it up with a movie. Everything about this place is worth a visit—from its fresh spin on Art Deco designs to the centered marble bar, to the mid-century-mod eat-in/drink-in theater. Tickets run for $7 if you want to kick back at the theater itself, but there are a number of screens lining the walls of the bar if you prefer a more laid-back, classic bar hangout kind of night.

Seitan Rising

2 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn

Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen

40 Bogart St, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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