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Lower East Side

When You Need An Amazing Shopping Day, Go To The Hester Street Fair

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As far as “everything goes,” it’s the Lower East Side’s Hester Street Fair that lets everyone bring their passion—any passion—to the max for the enjoyment, use, and benefit of others. It’s the highest of high-grade street markets, with food of all sorts, jewelry, clothing, yoga, desserts, and performances playing on a diversity of intense, interesting, and heartfelt New Yorker passion projects. It’s an idyllic spot to spend a May day wandering around and getting curious with your person.

Forget everything you’ve heard about bland British food and instead think harvest, farm-to-table and vegetable-forward plates in a light, airy, and rustic location that hearkens England. The Fat Radish is a great place to get your healthful, contemporary digs on, and rack up a bunch of diverse, tasteful and innovative dishes that truly give their ingredients star status. Think plates of small grilled cheeses (grilled cheese, aged white clothbound cheddar, branston), crispy duck fat potatoes with green garlic aioli, and a mean macrobiotic plate of farro risotto, roasted mushrooms, kale pesto, and parmesan. “British-inspired” just made it to a whole new level of flavorful.

Hester Street Fair

Essex Street, Manhattan

The Fat Radish

Essex Street, Manhattan

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