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Prospect-Lefferts Gardens

Cafe By Day And Bar By Night Makes This Tiny Prospect-Lefferts Spot An All Day Fave

  • Drinks
  • Food

When you step into Honey Badger, you will be a bit confused, but that’s okay. The food is like nothing you’ve ever had before, and that’s because the couple behind the cuisine sources their ingredients from a group of local foragers. The menu changes daily, although you'll usually find a selection of exotic vegetables, meat, seafood, and homemade pastas. We recommend making a reservation in advance (the space is tiny) and opting for the tasting menu. It’s a food experiment worth trying.

Next stop: Erv’s, a tiny bar with affordable drinks and a cool vibe. They have a few inventive cocktails, but if you ask the bartender to whip you up something to surprise you, he’ll do a damn good job. A coffee shop during the day, Erv’s still maintains that cozy comfort at night.

Honey Badger

67 Fenimore Street, Brooklyn


2122 Beekman Place, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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