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East Village

This Cocktail Bar Looks Like The Set of an Old Western Meets Moulin Rouge

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Vegans unite! There’s a lot of buzz around East Village cocktail bar (with good food) Honeybee’s. Housed where Cienfuegos used to be, this spot is very, very cool. You walk in and are transported into what looks like the set of an old western film meets Moulin Rouge. The menu is completely vegan-friendly, so even though you may read “ribs” or “pork,” it’s made from seitan and mushrooms. For dessert? An apple sundae made with bourbon vegan ice cream—yum. Love this place already? Join the Golden Cabinet program, which offers you access to exclusive ryes and bourbons. Patrons who try each will receive a key and a pour upon following visits.

After dinner, head to The Grayson, your run-of-the-mill sports bar that turns into more of a nightclub as the sun sets. The crowd here is a raucous bunch, so be prepared. It’s the perfect spot to get the perfect combination of sports-watching and jamming to tunes, as the DJ plays throwbacks and top 40’s during commercials. And there are great daily specials like $2 Taco Tuesdays and $5 Bloody Mary’s on weekends.


93 Scott Avenue, Brooklyn

The Grayson

95 Avenue A, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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