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This Prixe Fixe For Two Will Have Your Mouth Watering, Followed by Jazz In Flatiron

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Hortus NYC's prerogative is putting a creative spin on classic Asian cuisine—take that as you will. With its modern, polished decor, ranging from half-circle booths and gold pendant lamps to forest green-and-grey hues and geometric bar fixtures, Hortus is as visually pleasing as its menu is impressive. What’s more is that you’re welcome to choose between their open kitchen atmosphere on the first floor and the more traditional dining room experience on the second floor. Definitely precede dinner with their oysters (served with gochujang and tart plum mignonette). Their prix fixe for two includes those aforementioned oysters, plus two starters, a big 'share', two sides, and two desserts for $95.

After dinner, maintain that bold atmosphere at The Jazz Gallery. While the decor itself may not match Hortus, the creative punch is in the performances. In this super casual, no-frills space, kick back as some of the city’s best musicians deliver the dulcet (if not occasionally frenetic) tones of progressive jazz. Tickets are fair, usually around $15. Be sure to plan ahead with an early dinner reservation if you want to make it for both sets.

Hortus NYC

 271 5th Avenue, Manhattan

The Jazz Gallery

1160 Broadway, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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