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West Village

This Backyard Garden In The West Village Is Giving Us Life

  • Drinks
  • Food

Head to Hudson Clearwater and grab a table in the backyard garden. It's a gem of a spot with great all-American fare: oysters, pork chops, etc. The staff at Hudson Clearwater are very friendly, so don’t feel rushed to leave. Enjoy a nice Aperol spritz to close out your meal before heading back into the busy streets of NYC.

Afterward, head over to Vol de Nuit, a cozy, comfortable Belgian bar–the perfect nightcap. They have 13 drafts and 25 bottles—all Belgian and more than a few from Trappist breweries. We love the cabin behind the garden where you can get close in overstuffed Victorian chairs.

Hudson Clearwater

447 Hudson Street, Manhattan

Vol de Nuit

148 West 4th Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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