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Crown Heights

Impress Your S.O. With How Cool You Are By Taking Them To This Cafe in Crown Heights

  • Art
  • Coffee
  • Drinks
  • Food

If you’re looking to show your person just how hip you can be, Hunky Dory is the spot. The cafe is helmed by an all-female team focused on sustainability, making it more than worth your dollars. Serving up healthy yet hearty twists on cafe classics means your oatmeal just got way more exciting, with the addition of kabocha squash and wine-poached pears. The bright paint, abundance of plants and art, and ample light make this cafe feel like the apartment of your put-together friend. And with small plates starting at less than $5, your wallet will thank you too.

Stroll over to the happylucky no. 1 to check out some art at this small but thriving gallery. Follow the gray door marked with a sunflower into a room of contemporary and often experimental art—think paintings half on walls and half on the floors, objects floating in the air, and paint splashed on mirrors, depending on the current exhibit. The minimalist space has floor to ceiling windows, so soak in that light and talk arty to each other.

Hunky Dory

747 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn

happylucky no. 1

734 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn

Like what you see?


Like what you see?

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