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Upper East Side

If You’ve Ever Wanted to Dine in Old Hollywood Sparkle and Splendor, Look No Further

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If you’ve ever wanted to dine in old Hollywood sparkle and splendor, look no further—Il Divo, a fine Italian eatery sparked by famous restauranteurs from Milan, just opened on the Upper East Side, and it’s just about as elegantly glamorous as it gets. Delicate gold chandeliers bask the traditional, inspiring Italian cuisine in warm light, while pictures of Al Valentino, the “Latin Lover” after whom the restaurant is inspired, grace the walls. Walls that are decorated by none other than Ralph Lauren. The decor is lavish, but the food is the true luxury: apps like Piedmontes meatballs with salsa verde start you off with a hearty kick, and mains range from luscious pastas to savory seafood. Best of all? This incredibly luxe, glam meal is actually affordable, so you and your love can dine like the stars without emptying your wallets.

Keep yourselves in that classic 1920s time warp at Lexington Bar and Books, an ultra-fine cigar club that’ll make you feel like true ladies and gentlemen as you lounge about sipping on whiskey and browsing the endless volumes that line the shelves. The crowd is quiet, elegant and unobtrusive, so you and your love can enjoy a serene nightcap while experiencing some real Upper East Side luxury. It’s lavish, lovely, and just the place for that rare, special occasions cigar—because it’s always special with your person, but this spot adds that sophisticated touch.

Il Divo

1347 2nd Avenue at East 71st Street, Manhattan

Lexington Bar and Books

1020 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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