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Long Island City

Savanna Rooftop Bar in Long Island City Is A Rooftop We Can Get Behind

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Brunch doesn't always have to be Brunch-with-a-capital-B. Forego the unlimited mimosas and thick pancakes and head to Indie LIC for a light, fresh meal at their communal tables. An iced coffee or a selection from their expansive assortment of tea is the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of yogurt and granola with fresh fruit, or an avocado sandwich with hummus, tomato, sprouts, and chili paste. Perfect for those days when you wake up refreshed and just wanna enjoy the afternoon.

Nothing beats a New York City rooftop—except, perhaps, one that isn’t packed like the L train during rush hour. This Long Island City rooftop bar (which draws inspiration from the savannas of Africa), sits on top of the Z NYC Hotel, offering stunning views of the Manhattan skyline alongside beer, wine, and cocktails. Enjoy the astroturf under your feet and the vibrant murals adorning the space while you sip a cocktail or two as the afternoon sun passes overhead.

Indie LIC

43-10 Crescent St, Long Island City

Savanna Rooftop

11-01 43rd Ave 12th Floor, Long Island City

Like what you see?


Like what you see?

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