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Murray Hill

The Yobimodoshi Method Is Alive And Well At This Murray Hill Ramen Spot

  • Books
  • Food

Share stories from your childhood while flipping through priceless pop culture at this NYC mainstay. This tiny book store is full of colorful comics, from new literary graphic novels to vintage Japanese manga; and thankfully, the staff really know their shit.

Tenho Ramen is a Japanese export serving Tonkotsu ramen prepared using the “yobimodoshi” method—that is, they add to the same soup stock every day, making each bowl of ramen incredibly rich and creamy. Go traditional with a classic Tonkotsu broth, or try their Mentaiko ramen, topped with spicy cod roe. We also recommend sharing a couple of skewers to round out your meal.

JHU Comic Books

 481 3rd Avenue, Manhattan

Tenho Ramen

542 Third Avenue, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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