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Morningside Heights

Collect Good Vibes Over Ramen & A Charming Diner/Bar In Morningside Heights

  • Drinks
  • Food

Ramen deserves more than a microwave and cheap plastic wrap, so do it justice at Jin Ramen in Morningside Heights. They specialize in Hakata ramen (which uses a pork rib broth), and the must-try dishes include the green coconut Thai curry, kimchee, and spicy tonkotsu. That said, they also make a mean rice bowl (or donburi), and the notched wooden bar gives this place the visual edge over all the other many noodle houses. Just be sure to pair your meals with your choice of their Japanese microbrew or rice beer.

Next, keep things casual at Toast Uptown. This laid-back diner is the perfect atmospherical nightcap, with a cozy charm that extends from its curtained ceiling and food-inspired storefront sign to the local bands who set up shop most nights. Their craft beer selection includes its fair share of local breweries and their craft cocktails include the Middle Earth-inspired Tom Bombadil. This place is the epitome of good vibes.

Jin Ramen

3183 Broadway, Manhattan

Toast Uptown

3157 Broadway, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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