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Dumplings & Burlesque In Chinatown

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Dumpling and burlesque. Honestly, what more could you want from a date night? Joe's Shanghai will serve up the best soup dumplings you ever had. Then, with your stomach satisfied, you can take in the strip tease at Apotheke.

Did we mention the soup dumplings? And there is a technique! Remember, you don’t just munch into these guys. You take a little nibble of the top and let the steam escape (and a little broth into your soup spoon) before getting down to business. The wait to get into this place is usually insane. Head there early, throw your name down and then run around Chinatown for a bit.

Missing that dumpling steam? Don’t worry, you’re about to get it back in spades at stop #2. On Wednesday, Apotheke transforms into a Prohibition-era jazz lounge lead by songstress and burlesque dancer, Broadway Brassy. If she doesn’t get you in the mood, you’re probably already dead. Live performances from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Joe's Shanghai

46 Bowery, Manhattan

Burlesque at Apotheke

9 Doyers Street, Manhattan

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