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Try Homemade Senegalese Food Before Escaping To An Upscale Tiki Bar In Bed-Stuy

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The homey Senegalese cuisine at Joloff is exactly what you need when you're both hangry, and only a meal made with love will undo the spell. Set in a vibrantly colored, artwork-splattered space, you’ll experience Senegalese staples like tiebou jeun (baked fish, joloff rice, and veggies), fataya legumes (veggie pastels), yassa ganar (chicken braised in onion and lemon sauce), and mafe yapp (lamb stewed in peanut butter sauce with ground okra). With a special, expertly-made Joloff rice method that features broken rice steeped in jasmine flavors and stewed in rich tomato sauce, you know they don’t mess around here, and you and your person will step out feeling fully satisfied. Pro-tip: their Joloff ginger tea is the perfect, soothing after-dinner supplement.

This upscale tiki bar takes care of all the summer vibes you crave (all year long) with a fun drink list that goes beyond just rum-infused concoctions. The bold turquoise upholstery and tasteful tropical decor at Diamond Reef keep things playful yet refined, and the spacious outdoor patio deck strung with starry lights could be just steps from the beach with little imagination and a couple of drinks. Think strawberry rum punch (rum, strawberry, lime, bitters, soda), the Fire Drill (mezcal, passion fruit, Gentian Amaro, lime), the frozen Penichillin (scotch, lemon, honey, ginger, extra scotch), or, if you’re all about those seaside classics, a piña colada. The best part is probably the food truck on the back patio—and yes, you totally should pick up some tacos before you head home.


1617, 1168 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn

Diamond Reef

1057 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

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