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This New-Wave Korean Restaurant In Tribeca Costs A Pretty Penny

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We're going to stop you before you read any further: this is an expensive night out. Expensive, but unforgettable. A "save it for a special occasion" date night. Jungsik is a Michelin-starred new-wave Korean restaurant in Tribeca. The only way you can eat here is if you do one of their tastings—either the signature ($235/person) or seasonal ($165/person). If you add on the wine pairing, that's another $100+ a pop. And while you're at it, you may as well throw in the dessert tasting too ($70/person). It's all epic.

After an experience like that, you may need to float down to reality. Belle Reve is a cool Southern bar that'll put the two of you back in your place. Expect classic drinks, trivia and karaoke nights, and a friendly crowd.


2 Harrison Street, Manhattan

Belle Reve

305 Church Street, Manhattan

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