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Gear Up for a Greek Feast But Save Room for Heavenly Gelato

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It’s your favorite way to have, savor, and share dinner: tapas. And at Karvouna Mezze, they’re spiced and served with all the warm hospitality and passion of Greece, which means sizzling platters of expertly cooked meats and fresh seafood. This hearty Greek spot has a philosophy of celebrating meals as important moments of emotional connection and joy, so go connect with your love and fill yourselves up with this good Greek stuff. They also specialize in Greek liquors if you're in need of a drink or two.

All that salty, savory feasting means ending it on some sweetness—and with a short walk—will complete the night perfectly. At Polosud Gelato, Coffee and Pastries, you’re getting the hidden gem in NYC Gelato. They serve masterful renditions of all the best flavors, like dark chocolate, mixed berry, and pistachio—simple, but so incredibly executed. It may sound wild, but their Vegan Avocado Gelato got lots of press coverage, and not just because it’s a daring venture—it’s actually creamy, lemony and delicious.Throw in a cannoli or some tiramisu and add a shot of short, strong espresso, and you’ve got yourselves a sweet, romantic touch to bring your date full circle.

Karvouna Mezze

241 Bowery, Manhattan


166 Mott Street, Manhattan

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