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The Best Chinese Food & A Movie In Williamsburg

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New Yorkers agree Kings County Imperial’s Chinese food is some of the best around. Fresh takes on favorites like kung pao chicken and Chinese eggplant are great for sharing, but don’t forget to make room for this place’s incredible imperial spring rolls. They've figured out how to please both the lovers of Americanized Chinese and authentic Chinese food. The portions are "normal for human intake", the ingredients are fresh and there's a good chance you can find your go-to takeout order. The servers go out of their way to ensure maximum food enjoyment, like mixing up the spicy AF Dan Dan noodles properly. Pro-tip: show up between 5:30-7 p.m. to get a $15 dim sum dinner.

When you’re done dining, head toward the west side of Williamsburg to get to your next destination. Maybe you haven’t gotten around to seeing the latest blockbuster or art-house flick. Whichever film you’ve been dying to see, check it out at a discount rate on Tuesday night at Williamsburg Cinemas. Tickets are just $9, but don't apply to 3D films or special engagements.

Kings County Imperial

20 Skillman Avenue, Brooklyn

Williamsburg Cinemas

217 Grand Street, Williamsburg

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