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Midtown West

Explore A Japanese Bookstore Before Fast-Casual Japanese Food

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  • Shopping

You don’t need to fly across the world to get a feel for Japanese culture. The Japanese-based bookstore Kinokuniya is a mini getaway from the NYC hustle. Located across the street from Bryant Park, you’ll find books, stationery, magazines, and a small cafe. Swing by the basement for some extra cute knick-knacks. After shopping around, the cafe is a solid spot to chill, drink a bubble tea frappe, and eat a Japanese dessert.

Save room for a quick bite after at Kobeyaki. This is a fast-casual restaurant serving traditional Japanese dishes with a creative twist. Referred to as the Asian Chipotle, the menu offers sushi, rice bowls, ramen, burgers and buns at around $10 each. Order a Kobeyaki burger, spicy tuna burger or a soft shell crab bun and we have a feeling you won’t be disappointed.


 1073 Avenue of the Americas, Manhattan


110 W 40th Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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