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This Is The Best Czechoslovak Restaurant in the New York City Area

  • Comedy
  • Drinks
  • Food

If you’re looking for the best Czechoslovak restaurant in the New York City area, you’ve found it with Koliba. This family friendly restaurant features both authentic Slovak and Czech dishes and drinks, all made from original recipes. Walk a couple of blocks down 23rd Avenue to what is sure to be quite the different night out.

Do you find yourself watching Law & Order: SVU reruns when nothing is on T.V.? Well, we've just found a reason for you to get off the couch. Q.E.D Astoria prides themselves on being an after-school space for grown-ups. Here, they feature an array of affordable classes and shows that are sure to freshen up the traditional date night. Check here to see when the next show is on deck.


3111 23rd Avenue, Astoria  

Yellow Tape: A True Crime Trivia Show!

27-16 23rd Avenue, Astoria 

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Like what you see?

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