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Corona, Queens

A Night Out In Corona, Queens With Chilean Food & Lemon Ice

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Before entering the fascinating melodrama of the night, quell your appetites at snug and heartily authentic Chilean restaurant, La Roja de Todos. This devoted, genuine restaurant gets as close to its southern home as it can, priding itself on dishes you can really only get here like Pastel de Choclo (savory Chilean corn and beef casserole, onions, raisin, black olives and savory chicken, topped with a tasty corn and basil puree), Humitas (Chilean tamales), and Chupe de Mariscos (a thick and tasty seafood chowder filled with clam, calamari, scallops, mussels, shrimp and fish). Trust us, you and your love will be totally enraptured by the opportunity to taste this savory pocket of South American cuisine. There’s a bakery attached to this restaurant, and it’s definitely worth stopping in after you’re done for some Dobladitas.

We know you probably just consumed an absurd amount of food and drink, but in case you want to top the day off with something sweet, we recommend walking 20 minutes or so for some Italian ice at The Lemon Ice King of Corona. With a super low-key, no-frills vibe and outdoor walk-up service, their flavor list goes all-in on expanding on the classics, including everything from cantaloupe and rum raisin to pina colada and fruit cocktail. Also, if you’re obsessed with sitcoms, then you’ll probably notice that this place has had its fair share of cameos on The King of Queens (meaning it’s definitely worthy of a quick selfie photo op).

La Roja de Todos

10802 Northern Boulevard, Queens

The Lemon Ice King Of Corona

52-02 108th Street, Corona, Queens

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