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Prospect Heights

This Unpretentious, Delicious Date in Prospect Heights Pairs Wine With Thai Food

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If the phrase "wine bar" conjures thoughts of wood-paneled spots as dark and pretentious as the overpriced Cabernet you were once guilted into ordering, LaLou in Prospect Heights is the perfect antidote. Featuring a light and airy atmosphere paired with organic, natural, and biodynamic wines from lesser-known regions, this bar is the perfect excuse to strike up a conversation with the sommelier and try something new. While wines might be the star of the show, you'd be remiss to skip over the simple but stellar Italian-leaning menu; you can't go wrong with a plate of dumplings in a Sorrento lemon butter sauce or fried green olives. Two-thirds of the tables are reserved for walk-ins, so it's perfect for a casual glass or two.

Once you're ready to move on from appetizers, walk over to LOOK by Plant Love House, a restaurant group that specializes in authentic Thai food in an unpretentious setting. The menu is ideal for sharing dishes. We recommend the papaya salad tray that includes a bunch of sides like their zabb wings. If you like spice, there are lots of starred dishes that use chili from Thailand that will have your tongue burning in the best way. Plus, with affordable prices for quality mom-style cooking, you can sample delicious dishes to your hearts' desire.


581 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn

LOOK by Plant Love House

622 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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