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Go Crazy With Alll The Mezzes at Lamalo Inside Nomad's Arlo Hotel

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Go ahead, take a dip! At Lamalo, located in NoMad’s Arlo Hotel, the experience begins right when you sit down, just like it did for owner Gadi Peleg back in Israel. For $25 a person, you get the chef’s pick of a rotating 25 different mezes to dip in fresh, made-to-order laffa. You’ll find the usual favorites like tahini, but also some that you’ve definitely never tried, like a garlic and potato dip. The rest of the menu is small, but the dishes pack serious flavor. Don’t believe us? Try the infamous cabbage shank. It ain’t your average cabbage (see what we did there?). Note, Gadi Peleg also owns the Middle Eastern restaurant, Nur. If you love that, you’re likely to love this, too!

When you’re finished, walk off the laffa with a quick stroll to Grace Street Coffee and Desserts. Their motto is ‘handmade with care, handcrafted with love’ and boy, it shows. Cap off your evening with a rose petal milk tea or personalize one of the café’s famous shaved snows. Trust us, you need a little bit of winter in the summer. If you’re into coffee art, this place is for you. If you sugar for the ‘gram, look no further. And if you’ve already filled up on so much laffa that calories no longer count, go ahead and have the churro waffles. You won’t be disappointed.


 11 East 31st Street, Manhattan

Grace Street Coffee & Desserts

17 West 32nd Street, Manhattan

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