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Have a Rockin' Time in Rockaway Beach with Famous Made-to-Order Pizza and Cheap Drinks On Tap in a Basement Bar

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  • Food

Last Dragon Pizza isn’t your typical NYC pizza joint. Rockaway-native Nicole runs the entire production—everything from making the sauce from scratch to baking each pizza individually to texting you when your order is ready. You’ll order online and then get a text message with the cross streets (tip: it’s north of the Beach 67th stop on the A train). Nicole will bring your order out to you, hot and ready, right on the street. The experience is half the fun, but luckily, the pizza is awesome.

Take that pizza to Connolly’s, another classic Rockaway favorite where you can bring your own food. This old-school Irish bar nestled into a residential basement is more than meets the eye. Sure, you can play some darts and eat your pizza, but their best offerings are incredibly cheap frozen drinks, served from a tap into styrofoam cups and topped with bright red maraschino cherries. Connolly’s is everything you want in a dive bar.

Last Dragon Pizza

Beach 67th Street & Thursby Avenue, Queens

Connolly's Bar

155 Cross Bay Parkway, Queens

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Like what you see?

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