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Lower East Side

This 19-Year-Old Chef Wonder Is Ready to Serve You and Your Love the 15-Course Meal of Your Life—If You Can Get a Res

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When a wine bar proudly touts its French heritage, you know you’re in good hands when it comes to the vintage selection. At Lena, an intimate wine bar that seats 20, l’esprit Basque may move you to settle in and signal for another round of the red. With a knowledgeable and attentive staff, Lena makes for a great pre-dinner date-night spot. Order olives or the charcuterie and cheese board to whet your appetite, then head to the main event.

What Doogie Howser is to the medical profession, Flynn McGarry is to the culinary world, but with the notable difference that while Doogie Howser is fictional television series, Flynn McGarry is actually a boy wonder and teenage visionary. A professional chef at the age of 12, when he ran a supper club out of his Los Angeles home, McGarry has been featured on the cover of Times Magazine and headlined many a pop-up tasting menu. Now 19, he’s set up shop at Gem, his LES establishment that accommodates two seatings a night for its 12- to 15-course tasting menu. Comprised of small bites, composed plates, and family-style dishes, the meal takes on a dinner party vibe. Keeping to the relaxed nature of a family feast, the dishes change nightly, though previous standouts have included lamb medallions flavored with a South Indian spice mix and Norwegian king crab prepared in grapefruit rosewater with leeks. Don't worry, we'll get that drool for you.

LENA Wine Bar

137 Eldridge Street, Manhattan


116 Forsyth Street, Manhattan

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