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Let Me Break You Up! Is The Comedy Show For Couples

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Stage a riot on romance with comedian Carly Ann Filbin. Her show “Let Me Break You Up” takes a cynical approach to the subject, breaking down happy couples’ relationships with a series of personal questions designed to explore how tightly forged these bonds really are. Imagine a contrarian take on the “The Newlywed Game.” For your amusement, Filbin’s guest couples will re-live tough situations and embarrassing moments from their past. Don’t worry—as the saying goes, all dirty laundry has a silver lining. Okay, we made that up because we don’t want to be halfway to homewrecking by getting all up in your dating history. As a sign of goodwill, we’re doing our best to get idk tonight superstar couple Jordan x Nick on a future show, so stay tuned! Keep an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming events.

When it comes time for food, celebrate your romance (given where your night's headed) at hidden gem Yakiniku Futago. A Japanese barbeque haven ("yakiniku" translates to barbeque in Japanese), the owners aim to make yakiniku as widespread a phenomenon as sushi. And this spot is a really good step in that direction. The restaurant is housed in a long, spare room lined with exposed brick and wood paneling, with a tilework portrait of the twin brothers who own the restaurant on the wall. It's elegant, zen, and your new favorite Japanese steakhouse.

Let Me Break You Up

Multiple Locations

Yakiniku Futago

37 West 17th Street, Manhattan

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