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If You've Always Wanted More KBBQ, We've Got Just The Place For You

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Ready to go all-out tonight? Start out at Let's Meat in Koreatown, Manhattan's first all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ Joint. Sit around their cap-style grills, and for $35.99 you can order all the thin sliced brisket, marinated ribeye, pork belly, and chicken you desire, along with a bunch of sides like rice, steamed egg, and veggies, for two hours. So....yeah.

Afterwards, head over to the Empire State Building and ride to the 86th floor main observation deck. It's a must-do-once kind of a thing, and it's actually really nice and worth it! There's a reason why the Empire State Building is referenced in multiple rom coms, and what could be more romantic than getting a 360 degree view of the city all lit up at night? Look out at the sights through the high powered binoculars or just sit back and take New York in in all of her glory.

Let's Meat

307 5th Ave, Manhattan

Empire State Building

20 W 34th St, Manhattan

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