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Grab Italian In A Former Auto Body Shop in Williamsburg

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First, start off with dinner at Lilia. This hip Italian restaurant offers up wood-fired dishes and homemade pasta inside an inspired setting. A former auto body shop, the key standouts at Lilia are in the deliberately muted, creamy brick exterior, large warehouse windows, and exposed pipes running the length of the space connecting every arched tableside lamp. The grey and white palette do justice to the colorfully rustic dishes from head chef and owner Missy Robbins, celebrating simplicity and sophistication with an organic touch.

After dinner, end the night at Patisserie Tomoko. This Japanese-French fusion dessert bar is as unique as it adorable. With mid-century flair, a minimalist color template offset by pops of scattered greenery, milky white meringue pendant lamps, and a cozy horseshoe bar, the meticulous artistry extends to its collection of unique confections from pastry chef/owner Tomoko Kato. With a three-course prix fixe option, the two of you can taste-test your way through some of the city’s best (and sweetest) molecular gastronomy. The black sesame brittle and chestnut mousse is so magical it’s riddikulus (heh).


567 Union Avenue, Brooklyn

Patisserie Tomoko

568 Union Avenue, Brooklyn

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