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Push Your Boundaries with Detroit-Style Pizza and This Energetic Bar

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  • Food

First, we’re going to keep things casual but delicious at Lions & Tigers & Squares. Serving up Detroit-style pizza (rectangular, thick crust, heavy on the toppings), this counter-service pizza joint may not seem fancy on the surface, but the flavor speaks for itself. And if you can snag one of the standing tables, consider yourself lucky. This is also a perfect opportunity to have a classic NYC moment: strolling through the city with a slice of pizza in one hand and your S.O.’s hand in the other. That’s textbook local romance, people.

After you’ve hit your quota on pies, make your way to Barracuda Bar. This vibrant gay bar makes up for all the bells and whistles you missed during dinner, featuring disco balls, a glowing neon bar backdrop, and a stage for the occasional drag show. The atmosphere is energetic and inclusive, and the crowd’s outgoing vibe is contagious. Some date nights end up with some romantic downtime—but tonight is the exception.

Lions & Tigers & Squares

268 W 23rd Street, Manhattan

Barracuda Bar

275 West 22nd Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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