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Learn How To Make The Best Cocktails Ever At Liquor Lab

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Learning how to make the perfect cocktail at home can be a blessing or a danger (hello 3 margaritas every night of the week), but one thing it is for sure: making cocktails is just as fun as drinking them. Liquor Lab is offering a new and first-of-its-kind experience at their Wooster Street studio in Soho for aspiring mixologists and drinkers alike. Each session is focused on a particular drink (i.e., margaritas, the spritz, caribbean drinks), and is a hands-on, interactive event. Think of it as a cooking class but with the bar as your kitchen. Speaking of food, that’s included in your ticket price. See below for an offer you can only get on idk tonight.

Now that you’re equipped with the tips of the trade, you can put the friendly team of world-class mixologists to the test at Pegu Club. One of the most recognizable bars in the world, Pegu offers almost too-drinkable, gin-based creations, satisfying the palates of discerning drinkers and novice patrons alike. The dimly lit, suitably sexy and intimate cocktail bar is adequately “hidden” on the second floor of a nondescript Soho building, filled with cozy armchairs and the casual hum of people getting their booze the classiest way imaginable though.

Liquor Lab

 138 Wooster Street Floor 2, Manhattan

Pegu Club

77 W Houston Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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