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West Village

Llama Inn Spinoff Llamita Serves Peruvian Sandwiches in the West Village

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A spinoff of Brooklyn’s favorite Peruvian spot, Llama Inn, is hitting the West Village in the form of a more low-key sandwich shop called Llamita. Llamita is taking the fast-casual route so many other brands are taking these days (re: Dez). The brainchild of Chef Erik Ramirez and Juan Correa, Llamita is the first expansion of the Llama brand and just what the West Village needed. They offer a variety of distinct sandwiches or Sanguches, but we’re partial to the ribeye, cauliflower, and duck sausage.

After indulging in your quick yet delicious dinner, head next door to the West Village’s massive beer hall, Houston Hall. And they’re not just a one-beer-trick pony, either. While they do offer over 10 different types of beer on draft, Houston Hall also features craft cocktails like the Tiki Thunder made with Sailor Jerry rum, Campari, pineapple, lime, and simple syrup and the Aperol Mist made with Aperol, Pilsner, and a splash of orange. We could see ourselves celebrating every Hump Day here—will we see you there?


80 Carmine Street, Manhattan

Houston Hall

222 W Houston Street, Manhattan

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