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Hit These Two Excellent Italian Spots Up In One Night In Tribeca

  • Drinks
  • Food

For dinner, start out at Locanda Verde, a spacious, open concept restaurant that perfectly marries its Italian roots (dark wood accents, brick, and marble being the major visual standouts) with its chic Manhattan atmosphere. And, if you’re not sure which dish you should settle on, we’ll make it easy for you—one of you should order the squid ink linguini (served with frutti di mare, which is essentially just, like, a lot of seafood) and one of you should order the pappardelle with braised rabbit (an Italian favorite).

After dinner, keep with the Italian theme, but tone things down a bit, at Da Mikele. With a low-key and low-lit atmosphere, this space is perfect for sipping on some wine and taking in the quaint vibes. There’s some old-school Italian decor donning the walls, a gorgeous brick and wood aesthetic, and we especially love the vintage picture frames hung from the ceiling that double as chandeliers (you have to see it to get it).

Locanda Verde

377 Greenwich St, Manhattan

Da Mikele

275 Church St, Manhattan

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