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Upper East Side

Eat All The Pasta At This Upscale Upper East Side Staple

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Lusardi's, an Upper East Side staple, specializes in traditionally decadent Northern Italian dishes, with dark woodwork and an unmistakable vintage flair that contributes to the overall old-world vibe of elegance and comfort. The homemade pastas are so excellently made, you won’t be able to tell whether its rich cream, smooth cheese or pasta noodle. And expertise in truffles makes for an incredible layer of flavor at just the right ratio, like in their Tortellini in Salsa Tartufatta. With perfectly fresh seafood, it’s the best grilled calamari you’ll ever have, and an extensively praised wine list that spans 400 vintage wines ensures the right romantic touch to this delectable meal. This is the kind of place that’ll make everything special, from the first clink of your glasses to the last spoonful of soft and fluffy tiramisu you taste.

The city’s take on the best of Italy continues at Bar Felice, an urban Italian wine bar with classy cafe fixtures and dim lighting. Specialty wine-infused cocktails—like their ultra-refreshing Pink Sand, made with Bulldog Gin, Prosecco, Martini bitters, papaya juice, and peach purée—supplement their extensive wine list, and the cable TVs provide a happy medium of upscale-casual to put a relaxing touch on the night.


1494, 2nd Avenue, Manhattan

Bar Felice

1591 1st Avenue, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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